SINGER 10-Pack Universal 2020 Sewing Machine Needles, Size 90/14




Color: Red


  • Pack of 10 Genuine Singer Sewing Machine Needles
  • Needle Size 90/14 – For medium-weight knits and synthetics (the general-purpose needle – most popular)
  • Needle System: 2020
  • SINGER recommends that you use only genuine sewing machine needles in your SINGER sewing machine.

Package Dimensions: 13x107x9

Details: Package includes 10 x Universal 2020 size 90/14 needles that can be used on many other machines such as Brother and other high quality sewing machines. Singer Universal Size 90/14 Sewing Machine Needles are designed for sewing medium weight woven fabrics. Singer recommends that you use only genuine Singer sewing machine needles in your Singer sewing machine. By using genuine singer needles, your machine will perform to its fullest potential.

UPC: 037431889171

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