Wool Pressing Mat for Quilting 100% New Zealand Wool Ironing Pad for Quilters | Iron Board Quilting Supplies (22×60 Inch)



Brand: DeVries Essentials

Color: 22×60 Inch


  • ●WE TAKE OUR WOOL SERIOUSLY: At DeVries Essentials, we know the difference from a cheap, flimsy wool board to one made with authentic 100% wool. That’s why we only use 100% New Zealand wool to give you the best ironing and quilting experience imaginable.
  • ●YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR 100% PRIORITY: Once you click “Buy Now,” you won’t have to cross your fingers and hope for a premium quality quilted pad. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase after 30-days, We’ll give you a full refund; no questions asked.
  • ●EXTRA LARGE SIZE – Go Extra Large with our Wool Pressing Mat (22″x60″x0.5″). Large enough to fit your oversized ironing board or worktable for quilters or ironers.
  • ●READY FOR YOUR IRON: A Heat-resistant 100% New Zealand Wool felt pad can withstand even the hottest of irons. You can use the ironing mat for sewing from home or on the go with the included travel case and Iron rest pad.
  • ●1/2 INCH THICKNESS: This wool felted mat provides extra thickness to avoid water from potentially going through for extra protection.

Package Dimensions: 165x571x2495

Details: Effortless Quilting and Ironing Starts HereWould you like to save huge amounts of time on pressing and ironing? Looking for a more efficient sewing or quilting experience? Good news for you: whether you want crisp, precisely pressed seams on your quilt blocks, or your fabrics to stay in place when ironing; our wool ironing mat does just that and more!Experience A Luxurious 100% New Zealand WoolWe don’t cut corners when it comes to quality. Crafted from the finest fibers, our 100% New Zealand wool iron mat effectively absorbs heat, ironing both sides at once. The result? That crisp pressed finish you love. Less time pressing, more time being creative.Why Our Wool Mat for Ironing Is A Must-Have For Your Projects✓ Finest quality 100% New Zealand Wool: you’ll know the difference right away.✓ Extra large size (22″x60″x0.5″) – perfect size for all workstations.✓ ½ inch thickness and heat-resistant for extra protection on any surface.✓ Double-sided, completely flat pressing: great for pressing quilt blocks with ease.✓ Lightweight and portable: the perfect wool ironing mat for quilters on the move.Ready to cut down on your ironing time and press blocks with ease?Let’s face it: the wool you use matters. Our premium New Zealand wool is the difference between wrinkled fabric and perfectly smooth, flat, precise results. And even better? The dense wool fibers prevent your fabrics from slipping during the pressing process. Join hundreds of savvy quilters choosing faster, more efficient results with luxury wool. Click ‘add to cart’ to get yours now.

UPC: 741813911410

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