Wool Pressing Mat – 17″ x 13.5″ Quilting Ironing Pad – 100% New Zealand Felted Wool Iron Board for Quilters, Great for Quilting & Sewing Projects by Savina





  • ✂ PRO STANDARD IRONING MAT WITH OR WITHOUT STEAM: With a premium quilting pressing mat made of 100% wool, with dense interlocking fibers preventing stretching & making your quilting ironing an easy, fast, most efficient task.
  • ✂ PERFECT FOR SEWING, EMBROIDERY & DIY CRAFTS: Designed in the ideal shape for convenient ironing, this wool heat pressing pad makes your handy sewing iron pad for detailed sleeve or pant seams ironing, your embroidery mat or your DIY flat iron pad.
  • ✂ AN EXCELLENT PORTABLE IRONING PAD: Compact, feather-like and easily fitting in your handbag or luggage, This wool pad will make your tabletop ironing pad in the hotel room, the college dorm and wherever you are.
  • ✂ A THOUGHTFUL GIFTING IDEA: Treat a loved quilter, embroidery enthusiast or DIY crafter to an unforgettable gift! Offer this easy press mat on all gifting occasions and help them get flawless ironing results in a breeze! Show off your excellent taste!
  • ✂ YOUR 100% SATISFACTION IS OUR TOP PRIORITY: This is why we back our flat iron heat pad with Full Refund Policy and our prompt & friendly Customer Service, to provide you with an experience to remember. So, buy with confidence, as you have nothing to lose!

Package Dimensions: 23x444x590

Details: Pure and Natural – 100% wool, fleeced and tightly felted to make the Quilter's Pressing Pad the perfect ironing surface for all your quilt block and small fabric pressing needs.
Steam or other sprays are unnecessary because wool actually absorbs moisture from the air as heat is applied.
This creates an additional heat source underneath your fabric, giving you crisp precision as you iron. This is by far the best ironing surface I have ever used – it is truly that fabulous!
One of those investments and tools you won't want to be without whenever you sit down to sew.

– Always have your iron setting to WOOL or MEDIUM HEAT for best results.
– Do not leave your iron on the Pressing Pad for too long.
– Because of how wool absorbs moisture from the air, always use your Quilter’s Pressing Fleece on a water resistant surface.
– -The Pressing Pad is made of wool, so be sure to store it in a well lit room or airtight container.
– For someone who is sensitive to the wool fragrance the wool may create a scent when used with steam. You may be able to smell a slight odor in the beginning. However, it will disappear soon after your ironing is done.
– Most modern irons use pressurized steam, and since the wool mats are porous products, it is quite likely that steam will go through the mats. When you iron on our wool mats it's like ironing from both sides, so we recommend using a dry iron for best results.
-The pressure Mat has a slight smell of wool in the beginning; however, there is no smell after using it twice. The odor will not be transferred to your fabric.

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