Professional Tailor Scissors 9 Inch for Cutting Fabric Heavy Duty Scissors for Leather Cutting Industrial Sharp Sewing Shears for Home Office Artists Dressmakers




Color: Black


  • ULTRA SHARP FABRIC SHEARS: Made of high carbon steel which is stronger than stainless steel, the craft scissors have great qualities including good edge retention and ability to make clean cut through multiple layers of fabric.well worth investing to help you cut down on time and money and perfect your sewing creations.
  • COMFORTABLE USE: This fabric scissors are rounded and ergonomic to fit easily into your hand without rubbing or pinching, and rubberized handles that allow for a comfortable grip and precise cutting. You don’t have to worry about hand fatigue when using these scissors for extended periods of time.
  • PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: Bent handle helps hold materials flat for smooth, accurate, tabletop cuts. Chamfering process on tailor scissors blade head avoids scratching cloth accidently.
  • ALL PURPOSE USE SCISSORS: This sewing scissors can be used for all kinds of cutting tasks. From fabrics and leather to plastic bags, packaging materials and thin and soft materials, these scissors are quite versatile.
  • BONUS MEASURING TAPE: Flexible and portable measuring tape, made from soft plastic material, white color, suitable for measuring curved or flat surfaces, dual sided to show inches and centimeters, measuring range is 60 inches / 150cm.30 days money back guarantee, 1 year warranty. Free replacement for any quality issue.

Package Dimensions: 24x254x280

Details: Specification
Size: 9in
Blade Length: 4.5in
Weight: 7.23oz

Highlight Features
Lightweight design and razor sharp blades
Smooth and precise cuts even through multiple layer
Heavy-duty for cutting all kinds of materials
Ergonomic plastic grip handles for comfort and easy manipulation
Tempered blades for longevity
Blades can be re-sharpen well
Bent handle for smooth, accurate, tabletop cuts
Chamfered blade head avoids scratching cloth accidently
Ideal for personal and professional use

Use For
Sewing, Tailoring, Quilting, Dressmaking, Cutting Patterns, Alterations, Art projects, Craft jobs, Home and Office use and more

Before Use
Scissors come lightly oiled for long lasting, fast and clean cutting. Before using your scissors be sure to wipe them down with a clean dry cloth.

30 days money back guarantee, 1 year warranty. Free replacement for any quality issue.

UPC: 604220854704

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