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21 Fleece Patterns You Can Sew To Stay Warm This Winter

As sewers, we all work with different materials but for fall and winter, fleece is my go-to material. Some of you prefer yarn or wool, and each has their own advantages, but I want you to give fleece a try!

21 Fabulous Fleece Patterns To Keep You Nice And Toasty

I’ve given fleece projects to family and friends as gifts during the holidays. And based on their appreciative comments, it’s clear they wouldn’t mind getting some again year after year! Another reason why I absolutely love working with fleece is that it’s baby-friendly. For a mother like me, that’s a huge plus! It doesn’t unravel in grabby, chubby little hands. I could go on and on and enumerate the reasons why I love working with this material but, I’d rather you discover and decide what to do with this list of adorable fleece patterns!


1. Fleece Ear Warmer

Our ears are one of the most vulnerable body parts in the cold. What better way to keep them warm than by using these functional and adorable ear warmers?


2. Fleece Hats

Bored with your usual winter hats? Check out one of the quirkiest fleece patterns in the list! Try these dinosaur and bear hats! They would definitely be a show-stopper!


3. Fleece Fingerless Monster Gloves

One of my concerns as a mother is my children keep ‘forgetting’ their gloves! But the children love these cute and funny monster gloves! They even use them as puppets and make small skits with them!


This winter, we would like to share with you a list of baby winter clothes we can sew for our babies, or as gifts…

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4. Red Riding Hood Fleece Cape

Speaking of children, when I was a kid, one of my favorite characters to dress up as was (you guessed it!) Little Red Riding Hood! With this cape, I can relive that memory as an adult!


5. Home Fleece Slippers

A personal favorite of mine, wearing these indoor slippers would definitely be part of your home routine! Warm and cozy, they’re perfect for lounging around!


6. Deep Pocket Fleece Scarf

A two-in-one item, this deep pocket scarf provides the best of both worlds! Especially if you have the tendency to forget your gloves – like me!


7. Mermaid Tail Blanket

The fascination for mermaid-related items has not waned, and I definitely understand why! Magical and fantastical, this will be a perfect gift for your ‘mermaid’ friend, or in my case, niece and daughters.


8. Fleece Hand Warmers

Although technically not something you could wear to fend off the cold, these hand warmers definitely do the job! They’re perfect for warming up after being out in the cold. Just pop them in the microwave and voila – your very own improvised heating pad!


9. Fleece Poncho

A poncho is a fashionable way to keep warm. Since there are different prints and patterns are available, you could customize it with your own personal touch!


10. Fleece Leggings

Who says you can’t wear leggings during the cold season? Personally, I think they’re perfect for lounging around with a cup of tea! Comfy and easy to move around in, it’s also the perfect pajama bottom!


11. Pom-pom Trimmed Fleece Blanket

A classic item to have during the cold season, blankets are easy to make and personalize! It’s also perfect to snuggle and cuddle with your family or partners.


12. Fleece Beret

The ‘fancy hat’ as my younger daughter describes, berets offer a more sophisticated and classic look, but it could also be fun! Just take a look at the floral pattern on the photo above!


13. Fleece Socks

Socks are a staple in everyone’s closet regardless of the season. But, no one can argue that they’re most useful during the cold season! Fuzzy and comfy, they can make your toes nice and toasty!


14. Fleece Beanie

Perfect for your teenager, this casual take on the hat will definitely be a sure-fire hit! With these colorful and cool prints, these can also be used during the warmer season!


15. Convertible Fleece Mittens

Not sure if you want fingerless or regular mittens? No need to worry – you can have both! You can use these reversible mittens as regular mittens when you’re staying out, and as fingerless mittens when you’re staying in!


16. Fleece Hoodie Jacket

Hoodies have also been a staple in people’s wardrobes. I can’t count how many my daughter has – she absolutely adores them! They’re comfy and convenient, and available in a wide array of patterns!


17. Fleece Draped Cardigan

Flowy and refined, this draped cardigan is perfect for semi-formal events. I’ve gotten countless compliments on mine! They’re perfect to put over dresses and sleeveless tops!


18. Fleece Leg Warmers

Socks not enough to warm you up? Check out these fancy leg warmers, best worn over leggings and high-cut boots! Fashionable and functional!


19. Fleece Neck Warmer

The neck is often forgotten, usually just covered up by plain boring scarves. But with this neck warmer, you could pay special attention to your neck! Explore these different patterns and you’ll definitely love it!


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20. Fleece Vest With Hoodie

My husband loves wearing long sleeves but those are usually made of thin fabric. With this warm and personalized vest, he could still wear them and not catch a cold!


21. Dog Sweater

Now, we can’t forget man’s best friend! Just because they have fur, doesn’t mean they’re immune to the cold. Make sure your pet is warm enough with this cushy and warm dog sweater!


Looking for some tips on how to work with fleece? Check out this video from Wendi Gratz! 

Now that you have a wide array of fleece projects to choose from and to keep you warm from head to toe, I hope you find your next favorite project! Ward off the cold with fleece jackets and vests, and remember to keep your fingers and toes warm with mittens and socks!


Which fleece project is your favorite? Tell me in the comments below! Let’s share sewing tips! 

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